On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct, the BOYS ARE BACK from two weeks of esports madness and they've got stories to tell. Worlds Finals, BlizzCon, TwitchCon (featuring some behind the scenes true esports stories), and GTX Melee all get covered along their insane results. The whistles also come out to play as we bring back the "Blow the Whistle" segment on some recent Fortnite and Wizzrobe news. It's the ultimate ep for the ultimate season of esports, so don't miss it.

Episode 32 - Worlds Bracketology (Summit 7, Doritos Bowl, and more)

On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct, WORLDS HAS HIT THE BRACKET PHASE, which means its time to separate the good teams from the North American ones. Our refs discuss whether Cloud9 has a chance to make a run, who rigged the brackets at Riot, and more. We also recap all the antics for votes heading into Summit Season, Blow the Whistle on fitness, and introduce a new segment called "Shills Pay the Bills" to give honest breakdowns what new sponsors mean for esports. DON'T MISS IT

Episode 31 - New World Order


On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct we lose our collective minds at the roller coaster that is the League of Legends World Championships, introduce a new segment called "Cooking with Copypasta", stall-shame Wizzrobe with our live reactions to the finals of The Script, Blow the Whistle on 2 iconic American Institutions, and lose fat stacks of cash in the Esports Stock Market. Don't miss it!

Episode 26 - The Roast of Melee Stats


On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct things get a little bit toasty and the refs get a little bit ROASTY with a recap of the roast of hugs86, followed by a down and dirty debate on who will win League of Legends Worlds. We play Hot or Not on some baller esports news, and finally we introduce a new segment called Away from Keyboard where things get completely off the rails. Don't miss it!

Episode 25 - END OF 2 ERAS


The BOYS return from their travels to find everything in esports has changed. Armada has retired from melee singles and TSM didn't make Worlds. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? We also bring back Esports Stock Market, introduce a brand new mysterious segment called THE LIST, and tell some True Esports Stories about interviewing at Riot Games in our younger years. Don't miss it!

Episode 24 - PAID BY STEVE


On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct the boys lived LARGE at the NVIDIA suite in Oracle Arena for the North American LCS Finals between C9 and Team Liquid. We discuss buying $9 pretzels, 3-0 finals, and getting bad directions. We also put on our branding hats and help design new names for the 8 new teams just announced to be joining the Overwatch League before closing the show with a NEW SEGMENT called Ranker where we rank the worst esports finals in recent memory. It's a hot ep, don't miss it!

Episode 23 - MOBA MOBBIN' (NA LCS Finals, Artifact Esports, & DOTA 2 Shakeup with Special Guest Conrad Janzen)


This week the refs flip the bird on all other esports and double down on MOBAS. We prepare for our upcoming live journey to the NA LCS Finals in Oracle Arena, introduce a new segment called "Who's Back" to give props to rising stars, and bring on special guest Conrad Janzen (Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, Twitch) to talk DOTA 2, Artifact Esports, and create a Mt. Rushmore of the Greatest DOTA 2 Players Ever. dOnT MiSs iT

Episode 22 - THE RED WEDDING (Overwatch Firings, PAX, Fortnite, Morgausse?, and more!)


On this week's ep our Refs pay our respects to the THOUSANDS of Overwatch League players & coaches released in the post season 1 shuffle. We also breakdown the SAVAGE/LIT (shoutouts to our 12 year old fans) events of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Finale at PAX West. #FaZeUP. We close the show with a Mt. Rushmore of Gaming Events and drop in some great True Esports Stories.

Episode 21 - LUDWIG STAR


The refs are back and they've brought the first repeat guest in EMLC history: LudwigAhgren! Join us as we talk the horrible, horrible origin of his emote, the upcoming roast of HugS86, draft a Mt. Rushmore of "Worst Johns", play the Esports Stock Market, and more. We also talk about Riot Games's Week from Hell and explore what's happening in the wild world of Fortnite. DONT MISS IT.

Episode 20 - We're BACK!


On this week's ESPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT, the boys are BACK! Our refs blow the whistle on Logan Paul vs. KSI, break down The International 8 and Shine 2018, build a Mt. Rushmore of "What You'd Do With $11 Million Dollars", gamble it all in the Esports Stock Market, and more. It's a classic comeback ep so don't miss it!

EPISODE 18 - EVO, BABY! (Featuring Bobby Scar) Scar/Fendy Beef, Teen Fortnite Coaches, FGC Prop Bets


On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct our buddy Bobby Scar joins the pod to lecture us on integrity, what constitutes a "pre-john", and drop some truth bombs about his upcoming grudge match with Fendy. We also introduce a new segment called "Remember When" in response to the new craze of parents hiring Fortnite Coaches for their kids, AND we go full FGC style with some prop bets on Evo 2018. DONT MISS IT.


Episode 17 - LIGMA (+ OWL Finals, PGI Finals, LTC6, Mt. Rushmore of Satifying Things in Overwatch)

THE REFS ARE BACK and the whistles are blazing. An all-korean team ran entirely by Americans based in LA won the first OWL Finals for Europe, and we've got a lot to say about it. We also talk PUBG having the first great Battle Royale tourney ever, Hungrybox winning (again) at LTC6, play the Esports Stock Market, and draft a Mt. Rushmore of the Most Satisfying Things to do in Overwatch.

Episode 15 - OWL SEASON


On this weeks' esportsmanlike conduct we have a special guest appearance from early Twitch employee and Esports pioneer Ben "Fishstix" Goldhaber for an awesome interview about Overwatch League, being Atrioc's boss, the current state of Esports, and a FIERCE debate on playing Overwatch without team chat.

The refs also burn some big money in the Esports Stock Market segment and get our gamble on in "Betting on Esports". "It's a 10/10 Classic Ep" - Listeners Everywhere

Episode 14 - A GOD BLEEDS (Fortnite Summer Skirmish, StarCraft II, and more)


On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct, Epic makes their first MISTAKE in history - with a laggy mess of a launch tournament (that still gets more viewership than everything else). We talk about that, PUBG, play Hot or Not, introduce a brand-new segment called CHINESE NUMBERS and of course settle our bets from Friday to determine who has the biggest esports brain. LETS GET TO IT.