S3 Episode 40 - WE WERE WRONG (Apology Tour, Tfue Trios Drama, TSM Bust)


The EMLC Apology Tour begins as we look back at a LOT of predictions that turned out to be ... less than accurate, including Astralis's fall from grace, TSM's return to glory, and whether or not League would stay a top game. Atrioc also ran out of gas on a LA freeway at 2am: Is it performance art representing the esports bubble or just poor planning? You decide. All of that and more in another great episode - don't miss it!

S3 Episode 34 - THE BUGHA MAN (Fortnite World Cup, Fox News Esports Fail, Varsity Girls Esports, and more)


EMERGENCY EPISODE STAR GOALS EP. A 16 year old kid won 3+ million playing Fortnite and we've got a LOT to say about it - and so, apparently, do boomers online & Fox News. We talk that, a brand n ew all-girls Varsity Esports team, China having its lowest amount of TI players ever, the HEIGHTS of Atrioc's TFT climb to Diamond 1, and a whole lot more. It's a great ep - don't miss it!

S3 Episode 33 - THE FLOSS HEARD ROUND THE WORLD (Fortnite World Cop, OWL S3, Cheaters, and more)


THE RETURN! After two weeks in Miami dealing with Call of Duty nefarious plots at the highest level, Stanz is back w/ Atrioc and ready to blow the whistle on a whole new crop of esports news. This week we've got the biggest Fornite tournament in history, Echo Fox being forced out of the LCS, NiP not paying players, a new "Predictions" segment, and a whole lot more. We also open the episode with a dedication to Geoff "Incontrol" Robinson, an absolute icon and pioneer of esports who passed away recently. The pod episode remains a lighthearted / comedic take on esports, but we wanted to open with a sincere expression of sadness that we lost someone so important and iconic to the industry and was an inspiration to our hosts personally.

S3 Episode 32 - BUY KOREAN (OWL Stage 3, TFT, TL CSGO, and more)

S3 Episode 32 - BUY KOREAN (OWL Stage 3, TFT, TL CSGO, and more) On this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct the boys blow the whistle on TFT, expose the hidden gameplan that took Shanghai Dragons from 0-40 to Stage 3 OWL Champions, dump praise on TeamLiquid's godlike CSGO roster, and a whole lot more. We also go full Gen Z and talk Tik Tok and Atrioc's obsession with Life360. It's a great ep - don't miss it!


Men and women. Zoomers and boomers. Casuals and tryhards. No matter who you are - people are coming together to love Teamfight Tactics and we've got all the scoop on whether its gonna be worth its weight in gold (+ interest) as an esport. We also talk Rift Rivals results, HGOD's return at CEO, play the Esports Stock Market, and a whole lot more. Don't miss it!



It's PANDEMONIUM at Blizzard HQ and our refs have some HOT tips on what's going on internally (hint: it's looking BAD) in Anaheim. We also talk Budweiser trying to weasel their way into becoming "The Official Beer of Esports", Team Liquid X Marvel, Teamfight Tactics killing it on Twitch, Wizzrobe gettin' signed, and MOST IMPORTATLY: Atrioc's Top Secret Mogul Sleep Routine. It's a great ep - don't miss it!

S3 Episode 28 - NINJA'S BOOKS (Axe Winning Summit, TFT vs. Underlords, and more)


Hot episode after our week off - a ton has happened in Esports including a STUNNING Pikachu Major victory by Axe - the first in Melee's history - Ninja becoming a certified AUTHOR with a world-first 3 book deal for an esports star, Dota and League rivalry heating up in the war for the next AutoChess, and a HIGH STAKES Esports Stock Market. It's a great ep - don't miss it!

S3 Episode 25 - WIZZY ERA (Wizzrobe Interview, Fortnite World Cup Cheaters, Apex Legends reveals?)


On this episode of Esportsmanlike Conduct we get back to our melee roots and bring on the young Falcon hotness WIZZROBE for a tell-all interview on making history with his win at Smash & Splash 5 - we talk about his hunt for sponsors, who he idolizes, and a whole lot more. Very fun interview - we also talk about Hugs's surprise win at Dreamhack, Drephen's insane 12 year consistency, and of course play our favorite segment, Esports Stock Market with some fun Fortnite news, Tesla shorts, and a whole lot more. Don't miss it!

S3 Episode 24 - GET FROTHY (100T, Optic, FaZe, Rick Fox, Wal-Mart Esports, and more)

Esports is dead. Long live CLOUT SPORTS - influencers are dominating the new power players in gaming and we've got hot takes on all the news coming out of LA's crazy money-based struggles & signings at FaZe, Optic, and 100T. We also cover Wal-Mart's new Esports Jerseys, Evil Geniuses new CEO, and Rick Fox being possibly the worst League of Legends player in the world. It's a great ep - don't miss it!

S3 Episode 23 - THE NANZER SHUFFLE (OWL, Gaming Disorder, CS Summit, Drake)

Nate Nazer is OUT at Overwatch League and our very own Nate Stanz(er) has some hot takes on it. Gaming disorder is now officially recognized by the World Health Organization and Twitter already stole all the best jokes on it. Amazon invents the next great esport to squeeze extra productivity out of their warehouse workers. The whistles are flying - all this and a lot more on this week's Esportsmanlike Conduct. Don't miss it!

S3 Episode 22 - RELEASE THE CONTRACT (Tfue vs. Faze, Esports Bubble, Mike Tyson, and more)


ESPORTS IS HITTIN' A LITTLE DIFFERENT THIS WEEK.. We got Tfue vs FaZe heating up to the stratosphere with #ReleaseTheContract. We go over the contract live on air to determine if its as bad as he says (spoiler alert: it is) and give our take on the whole beef. Kotaku releases an article "exposing" the esports bubble, Mike Tyson announced a team, and KOTOR announced a movie. It's a hot week and we got takes on all of it. Don't miss it!